Our Campus

IIITS functions from our brand new campus in Sri City this academic year 2018 onwards. Our sprawling campus is spread across about 80 acres and equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Earlier, we operated from the premises of IFMR (Institute for Financial Management & Research), Sri City.

Our present facilities include:

Digital Infrastructure
Computational Space:
In terms of computational infrastructure, IIITS has two 85-seater teaching labs with multi-core desktop computers;. Further, there is a dedicated 100+seater UG workspace for hardcore research-oriented students. Strategically, research workspaces are located alongside faculty cabins which provides both research students and the faculties an opportunity to interact with each other conveniently. Over the coming months, each research group would have a dedicated lab.

Computational Services & Software:
The Institute believes in open source based computations and encourages faculties to work with Open Source softwares. Having said that, there is centralized Matlab software with different tool boxes, Synopsys TCAD and Crosslight APSYS. Further, there is a GPU server for all computational purposes which will be soon developed into a GPU farm. Notably, being a research-focused institute, each research group is encouraged to get their own software/hardware based on their requirement.

The following facilities are available either within or nearer to campus:

  • Full-fledged library
  • State-of-the-art electronics labs
  • Well-maintained separate hostels for male and female students within campus
  • Cafetaria within campus
  • Medical help including ambulances, doctors, etc available within Sri City
  • Transportation facility every fortnight to Chennai
  • Nationalised bank facilities available within Sri City and in Tada
  • Indian post and courier service available within Sri City
  • A variety of sports facilities available within campus
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