Club Name: IOTA

About The club

IOTA, the technical club at IIIT Sri City, is a hub of innovation and learning. Through boot camps and hackathons, our club explores cutting-edge fields such as AI/ML, data science, web development, blockchain, cyber security, Android development, game development, design, and public relations. These events not only provide valuable hands-on experience but also foster a culture of creativity and collaboration. By bringing together students passionate about technology, IOTA catalyzes growth and excellence in the technical community.

Email :
Instagram: iota_iiits

Small Summary of activities conducted throughout the year(50 words):

Throughout the year, we, at IOTA, organized resume revamp sessions, Git and GitHub workshops, technical debates, and treasure hunts. We also successfully organized the Global Game Jam, a game development boot camp, hackathons, and a machine learning boot camp, enriching our skills and fostering innovation in our community.

Core Team Members
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Shubham Singh
Core Lead
Club Co-Lead
Sanket Raut
Club Co-Lead
Core member
Sameera Gondela
Core member