Club Name: Reverb

About The club

Reverb, is one of the most prestigious and popular clubs of the institute, has the responsibility of creating a sense of canorous aura across the campus. The members of the club take part in various intra and inter institute events throughout the year along with hosting various musical performances in the institute throughout the two semesters

Aims and objectives
  • Conduct interactive music sessions/jams
  • The Music Club aims to nurture their talent and provides an environment for mutual learning.
  • In order to achieve this we organize various activities which enhance the vocal and instrumental abilities of students.


  • Conduct online events through social media platform
  • Conduct sessions to students for mutual learning
  • Participate in inter-college competitions
  • Conduct inter and intra college music competitions
Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
P Hemanth Club Head
M Naga Harshitha Assistant Club Head
Gadepalli Soumya Core member
Snehith Kanikella Core member
Utkarsh Verma Core member