IMPACT Programme at IIITS

We are proud to convey that we have an unique programme in our campus for guiding the students starting from the 6th, 7th, and 8th semester for placements, higher studies, and other career opportunities.

A set of 10 to 15 students are attached with each faculty in the institute starting from the 6th semester and the students meet with the faculty members regularly to receive inputs from the faculty on the following:

  • How to decide if they go for a job or higher studies?
  • How to decide which domain they need to choose when they seek a job in various multinational companies?
  • How to start preparing for the placement opportunities on campus?
  • What external platforms should the students enrol to be competitive among their peers for seeking jobs?
  • How to resolve the confusion in the mind when there are multiple opportunities available for students?
  • What are the policies of the institute w.r.t to placements?

The faculty mentors also put in touch their IMPACT students with seniors who are successful in their careers so that their seniors can share their experience and wisdom to their juniors, both for job opportunities and higher studies.

Faculty mentors also document (for each of their IMPACT students) the plan, targets, and the achievement of the student in a span of two weeks. This status document serves as a reference for the faculty to identify students progress as the students approach the placement season.

There are faculty level meetings to share and learn from each other their IMPACT students experience. The faculty not only meet students individually but also among the BTP groups so that there is a sharing among students within the group for placement opportunity and internship opportunities.

Our experience shows that students are unaware so much information at the beginning of the placement season and it is surprising often to see that many students are not aware of the major opportunities that they have towards placements. IMPACT programme attempts to mitigate these issues students generally face and it is desirable for students to have someone to speak to when the placement season has started and the students are not successful in their initial trials.