Club Name: Enigma

Introduction of the Club

We know that in todays’ digital world everyone and everything has to be secure which brings in the importance of cyber security. All the latest technologies have a dependency on the cybersecurity field so the world is understanding its importance and moving towards achieving a safe digital world.

The ENIGMA will help in learning and implementing the skills needed for achieving digital safety and security of an individual and also help in gaining hands-on technical experience about how the real world cybersecurity works.

Objectives of The Club
  • The main aim of the club is to fill in the skills needed for the real world cyber security needs.
  • To conduct interactive demonstrations with different tools on topics like network security, penetration testing, reverse engineering etc.
  • To educate the general cyber security awareness needed for every individual in the digital world


Club Activities Planned
  • Host talks by cyber security experts on state of the art and the specific areas of interest.
  • Participate in various colleges technical events and online events and represent our college through the club.
  • Host workshops and technical events in the institute for skill development and experience.
Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
P. Ragan Murali
Club Head
Abdulrahman Syed
Assistant Club Head
V. Banu Theja
Core member
Kush Gupta
Core member
Sudeep Gangwar
Core member