Club Name: Matrix

Introduction of the Club

MATRIX, the Data Science Club at IIIT SriCity, is a vibrant hub fostering the growth of future data scientists. Through engaging and practical initiatives, MATRIX guides members on a journey of exploration and learning in the dynamic field of data science. It serves as a nurturing ground for honing skills and fostering creativity while fostering a supportive community for stimulating discussions. Join us to embark on an exciting adventure into data science, where learning meets fun.

Small Summary of activities conducted throughout the year:

During the 2023-2024 academic year, our Data Science Club conducted various events, like

  • Data Science Challenges: Test your data skills with quick quizzes – it's a great way to learn and compete with friends!
  • Data Science Hackathons: Work together with other members to solve real-world problems using data science. Think of it as a team puzzle with a cool prize!
  • Data Science Bootcamps: Want to learn data science from scratch or take your skills to the next level? We offer week-long boot camps for all levels.
  • Industry Talks: Get insights from the real world! We host talks by data science professionals who share their experiences and career advice.

Instagram: matrix_iiits


Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Aarav Nigam (UG4)
Club Lead
Shivang Singh (UG3)
Club Co-Lead
Ashraf Ali Kareemulla (UG3)
Club Co-Lead
Saurabh Rawat (UG2)
Core member
Satansu Mohanty (UG2)
Core member
Kusala Sameera (UG2)
Core member
Shrijeet Kumar (UG2)
Core member
Sathyam A (UG2)
Core member