Club Name: Matrix

Introduction of the Club

Matrix is the Data Science club of IIIT Sri City, aiming at leveraging students’ skills in this relatively new and exciting field offering a wide scope of opportunities particularly when it comes to making it a career.

We strive to be the prime focal point of the overall development and growth of the student community with interests in areas of data analytics, machine learning, and big data. We encourage the interested students to join us and participate actively.

Club Objectives
  • To create an environment for students interested in Data Science to explore further and to spark an interest in someone who's new.
  • To educate students with the intuition and real time applications of Data Science.
  • To help students familiarise themselves with the frameworks, workflows and best practices.
  • To help students stay updated with the recent technologies in the field.
  • To guide students with project ideas in the right direction.


  • Introductory session for the new batch
  • Introduction to tools and frameworks.
  • Hands-on and Intuition behind Supervised ML models(Regression, Classification)
  • Linear, Polynomial, Logistic, K-NN, SVM, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, Random Forest
  • Hands-on Data Preprocessing
  • Hands-on Model Selection & Evaluation
  • Hands-on and Intuition behind Unsupervised ML models(K-means clustering, Hierarchical Clustering)
  • Hands-on and Intuition behind Association rule(Apriori, Eclat)
  • Hands-on and Intuition behind Reinforcement Learning(UCB, Thompson Sampling)
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • Introduction to Neural Networks and Deep learning
  • Organising Webinars or talks about recent technologies in the field.
  • Conducting Hackathons & Contests.
Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Chandan Kumra Roy (UG4)
Club Head
Sree Nithish B (UG3)
Assistant Club Head
Harshith Jupuru (UG3)
Core member
pranjay Gupta (UG2)
Core member
Shreyas Kasliwal (UG2)
Core member