Club Name: Mise-en-Scene

About The club

Mise-en-scène refers to the arrangement of visual elements in a film or theatrical production, including sets, props, costumes, lighting, and actors' movements within the frame. It's a fundamental aspect of visual storytelling, influencing the mood, atmosphere, and themes of a work.

Small Summary of activities conducted throughout the year:

Throughout the year we conducted multiple movie marathons where participants make teams for cinema trivia in which winning teams get prize money. 

Students from this club have performed skits in multiple events like Uthkrishta and Abhisarga.

Instagram: mise_en_scene.iiits

Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Club lead
 T.Abhinav Mars
Club Co-Lead
Varshith Vempati
Core Member
Ritvik Balija
Core Member
Manoj Kumar Reddy
Core Member