Club Name: Fitness

About The club:

Welcome to the Fitness Club of IIIT, where we foster a vibrant community centered around powerlifting, running, and overall fitness.

Our club organizes dynamic community events that inspire camaraderie and healthy competition among our members. From powerlifting competitions to group running sessions and outdoor fitness challenges, there's always something exciting happening at our club.

Small Summary of activities conducted throughout the year:

Throughout the year, the Fitness Club has been actively involved in the health and well being of the college where various community events such as running, lifting and sports were conducted. Each one of the above mentioned activities were conducted in the presence of an experienced sportsperson to maintain proper flow of the event. The winners were noticed and given proper appreciation to motivate participation in future events.

Instagram: health.fitness_iiits

Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Dravin L
Club lead
Arjun Kumar
Club Co-Lead
 Aayush soni
Core Member
Abhishek Sahay
Core Member
Pranesh S
Core Member
Shrishti M
Core Member
Rohan Ramesh Vinkare
Core Member