IIIT Sri City, Chittoor is developing as a state-of-the-art campus with the confluence of the greatest technical minds in the industrial ocean of Sri City, which is just one & half hour drive from Chennai.

IIIT Sri City, Chittoor symbolizes a greater vision and a life experience to everyone associated with it under any capacity.

Being one of the most important, valued and respected members of the IIITS family, you get a chance to work with the talented students and faculties. IIITS also provides very encouraging environment to align your long and short term goals w.r.t. teaching, research, and administrations with the needs of the society and country, thus becoming a great contributor towards the making of India's future!

IIITS has started an aggressive faculty recruitment process with special focus to recruit the outstanding candidates from industry and academia within the country and from abroad.


In order to facilitate the overall growth of faculty in terms of the pursuing their passion, conducting the quality teaching and research, supporting skills and professional activities, IIITS provides the best possible facilities listed as follows:

  • A Professional Development Allowance (PDA) of Rs. 1 Lakh/Year (with a max cap of Rs. 5 Lakh at any given time) to all faculty members, to meet the expenses for participating in both national and international conferences, paying the membership fee of various professional bodies and contingent expenses.
  • A Seed Research Grant (SRG) under the Institute Scheme to support the start of research and development activities to new faculty members, up to a maximum of Rs. 5 Lakh for majorly equipment and infrastructure.
  • An Equipment Grant of Rs. 1 Lakh in every 5 year is available to all faculty members to buy the minor or major equipments.
  • A Discretionary Earned Grant as the return of few % of externally funded research projects to all the faculty members to motivate the faculties to get high budget research projects.
  • Institute Funded MS/PhD Students to all faculty members.
  • Reimbursement of relocation charges within India/abroad of up to Rs. 75,000 to faculty members.
  • Suitable residential accommodation on rented flats within Sri City is provided to all faculty members, in accordance with the rules of the Institute.
  • Top-up salary as 16% additional HRA to meet the living expenditure in Sri City.
  • Children Education Allowance for two children on reimbursement basis as per the institute norm.