In order to create awareness amongst prospective and new incumbents (faculty and staff) about practices adhered at the Institute, the below information is shared. IIIT Sri City reserves the right to make further additions, changes, amendments or modifications as it may deem fit from time to time. In the event of such changes, the same shall be incorporated on the website.

The IIITS curriculum is advised by a strong set of advisors from both academia and industry. The curriculum is designed around four significant aspects:
  • Ensuring a strong foundation in the core concepts of electronics and computer science, to enable students to be fundamentally strong in their areas.
  • Inculcating research skills to ensure students pursue deep learning and understanding.
  • Practical, industry-focused projects and assignments to ensure that students are able to apply their learning in the context real world.
  • Transforming students into responsible adults by enabling their overall development, through a stream of courses around self-development and social and environmental awareness.
Starting in 2018-19, IIIT Sri City is planning to offer a Minor’s stream to enable students to pursue focused education in industry-specific areas. A minor in FinTech is expected to be launched in 2018-19, with new ones in areas like CyberSecurity and Business planned for launch in the next year.
The Honors stream enables students to dive deep into the subject and work closely with faculty on research projects.
Honors students have the opportunity to publish papers and work on live prototypes and products / applications as part of their education. Honors graduates have strong opportunities to further their research skills by either pursing higher studies in the form of masters and doctoral programs or by exploring job opportunities in research agencies or in R & D roles in corporates.
Our graduates have found internships and admissions in top schools across the world, including Carnegie Mellon University, National University of Singapore, Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, and University of Southern California, among others.
IIIT Sri City has almost 20 resident faculty, who live on campus. All these faculty are PhDs from the top institutions in India or abroad. In addition, we have a host of guest faculty and adjunct faculty from across the country who come and teach regularly.
IIIT Sri City is a research-oriented institution and all resident faculty at the Institution are involved in deep research in their areas of expertise. The Institute has multiple research groups in emerging areas like Smart Transportation, Computer Vision, etc. — please view the Research Groups page for more information. The Institute is also in process of setting up a Center for Smart Cities.
There is a strong coding culture at IIIT Sri City. The Institute holds many coding contests, sometimes offline and sometimes on HackerRank. We have been sending student teams to the ACM ICPC regionals every year since 2014. Over the past two years, four students have got into the GSoC, which is quite a bit for a batch of 100 students.
There is active use of an Online Judge in the Institute. Most of the programming courses use this for coding assignments. The challenges thrown by the faculty are very challenging, with runtime and memory constraints to ensure that students write efficient code.
Yes, there are loan facilities at IIIT Sri City. Please check the Financial Aid section of the web site for more details.
The first block of 140,000 sq. ft. of the campus will be ready for classes from this academic year, and all classes from the first semester of 2018-19 will be held here. As one of our students, Kaushik Gampala (class of 2018) noted on Quora, “IIIT Sri City is the first in the group of IIITs and NITs that were established after 2010 to have it's own hostel and mess buildings.”
Please see the latest placement report from IIIT Sri City — The Institute has been able to attract some of the top companies in the country for recruitment, across a range of high technology and service industries. Some of the recruiters from the Institute are Broadridge, Computer Associates, EY, Michelin, Mu Sigma, and PayPal.
While there is no prescribed dress code, we expect students to dress decently and appropriately.
The mess is run by a students committee and the student composition decides the nature of food served. Currently, since there are more South Indians in the student base, the food is more South Indian in nature.
We believe that in four years, the student will be exposed to core subjects, industry aligned curriculum, and humanities courses. He or she will be able to learn by doing and will be eligible for masters in top schools in the world or will be able to join a good company for building his/her professional career. The brand of IIIT Sr iCity will only get better in the coming years, which will add further weight to their careers.
Please refer to our Admissions Page for admission procedure and criteria.