The SLC is expected to support the institute administration in the areas of Hostels, Mess and Sports through participation in the planning of activities and also provide appropriate and timely feedback for effective functioning of the hostel, Mess and Sports facilities.

  • To make Hostel a pleasant place for students and also to resolve the issues faced by the students by coordinating with the institute authorities.
  • To bring balance in preparation of the Mess menu by considering the requirements of students belonging to various states under the supervision of institute administration.
  • To take lead in conducting the inter UG sports competition for better interaction and increase the competitiveness
Student Body
Name Role Picture
P Sai Kiran Reddy President (UG4)
Kanala Sai Bhargava Reddy Vice-President (UG4)
Saathvika Bandi Secretary (UG3)
Tejas Ajay Parse Mess Secretary (UG3)
Vishnu Priya Thammina Mess Secretary (UG3)
Nehul Singh Sports Secretary (UG3)
Avinash Bhojanapalli Hotel Secretary (UG3)
Avinash Bhojanapalli Hotel Secretary (UG3)
Parth Tripathi SLC Member
Srinidhi M SLC Member
Praveen Kumar Siraparapu SLC Member