M.Tech. in AI & ML


M.Tech. (AI) is a two year degree program in Artificial Intelligence at Indian Institute of Information Technology Sri City, Chittoor offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


Artificial Intelligence has emerged with its potential ability to solve complex societal problems of recent times including education, healthcare, security, information forensics, visual understanding, efficient transportation, increased efficiency in providing e-governance services to the public, etc. Many countries have made focused national efforts. The Government of India has also initiated widespread discussion on the role of AI in India. Niti Ayog has suggested the dedicated AI plan to the Govt. of India. Moreover, the top IT industries such as Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, etc. have invested huge funds in AI based research and development in recent days. Many startups are also emerging nowadays in AI across the globe.

Being an Institute of National Importance in Information Technology, IIIT Sri City, Chittoor is already running the B.Tech. program with AI specialization. Thus, the M.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence program will boost the IIITS ecosystem further and will produce the highly skilled manpower. The two-year M.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence aims to bridge the urgent needs of the industry and to produce the high-end AI scientists and engineers for the society. The aim of the M.Tech. (AI) program is to produce graduates by providing a rigorous training in the priority areas of Artificial Intelligence. The M.Tech. in AI strengthens the students such that they can become AI world leaders and shape India's future in a better way.