IoT Club

Club Name: ConnexIOn


ConnexIOn is one of the technical clubs of IIIT Sri City which revolves mostly around IoT & Embedded systems. This is an initiative taken to encourage students in IoT & other related fields.

Members of the club do take part in real time projects based on IoT and other related domains which can help them in developing new skills and gaining knowledge in a more practical way. This will also encourage peer to peer learning among the students.

  • The main motto of this club is to help students gain more practical knowledge through some hands on sessions, projects and Seminars.
  • To let students work and learn about various hardware like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU, Sensors, Actuators etc and gain new skills
  • Host some guest lectures by the professor from the institute or other organisations which can help students understand the industry level Aspect and current progress.
  • To represent the college through the club in any technical event.


Activities Planned
  • Club introductory session & IoT Fundamentals (Nov 2021)
  • Club members will work on projects in the span of 6-8 months from Dec 2021 to Mar/April 2022


Project Ideas:
  • Surveillance Drones: Alerting if there is any suspicious activity in college premises(near by), face recognition
  • Energy Consumption dashboard/ Air monitoring system
  • Automating the system of manually entering the records of vehicles by implementing License plate detection


These are just the ideas but we still have to finalise them once we discuss with the club members

  • Some Hands on workshops, topic to be decided (Christmas Sem break & in following semesters)
  • ConnexIOn World (Tentative Name) : An event of IIITS, where we showcase the prototypes that the club has made to the visitors from other universities, companies …. (Following semester)


Other names suggested: IoTDeck, ConnexIOnaire/Connectionaire

  • MakeIoT (Tentative Name) : IoT based Hackathon for UG2 & UG3 (Following semester)
Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Rishitha Vurimi -UG4>
Club Head
Palaash Agarwal -UG4
Assistant Club Head
Subash J -UG3
Core member
Aditya Raj -UG2
Core member
Kasyap J -UG2
Core member