IoT Club

Club Name: ConnexIOn

About The Club

ConnexIon is one of the technical clubs of IIIT Sri City that revolves around IoT & Embedded systems. The initiative is to encourage students in IoT & other related fields. Members of the club take part in real-time projects based on IoT and other related domains that can help them develop new skills and gain knowledge more practically. It will also encourage peer-to-peer learning among the students.

Small Summary of activities conducted throughout the year:

ConnexIon had organized and conducted three technical events/hackathons over the past year- TechTales, Smart Mobility Hackathon, and CrafTech.
Apart from this, our Club has been actively involved in the completion of technical projects that are beneficial for numerous industries and companies. These projects include a Water management System, Factory-verified Vehicle Detection System, and an E-Commerce website for B2B-type transactions.

Instagram: connexion_iiits

Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Kannan M - UG4
Club Head
Veera Manikantha Rayudu Tummala - UG4
Club Co-Lead
Adi Narayana Reddy - UG3
Core member
Eswar Yalakanti - UG2
Core member
Sharan Karthick B - UG2
Core member