The Institute has particularly been aggressive in encouraging faculties to take up industry projects and protect the ideas developed. Particularly, over last 2 years, the Institute is keen to see that the faculties develop and protect intellectual properties. The patents filed and granted over last 3 years are as follows:

1. H. Venkataraman, P. Bauskar and A. Joshi, "Computer implemented system and method for offloading traffic", US Patent, Number: 9642056, granted in May 2017.
2. B. Kandaswamy, A. Elkholy and S. Gustafson, “Activation based Feature Identification”, Maana Inc. [Published Application No: 20190294920], 2018.
3. H. Venkataraman and S.V. Jallepalli, "System and Method for Real-Time Control of Speed and Position", Indian Patent, Published in Aug. 2022, filed on 16th Dec. 2019.
4. Alexander Hussam Elkholy,B. Kandaswamy, Steven Matt Gustafson, Hussein S. Al-Olimat, "Machine assisted learning of entities", US Patent, Granted on 16th March 2019.
5. H. Venkataraman, Vishnu Vamsi, Manohar Sai, Jaswanth N (Vara Prasad, also as Applicant), "System for Indicating Road Quality Index and method Thereof", Indian Patent, Granted, 2nd February 2024
6. Anjali Poornima and H. Venkataraman "System and Method to Detect Potholes and Obstacles on Road under Low Illumination", Indian Patent, Granted, 14th March 2024.