Indian Institute of Information Technology, Sri City, Chittoor, has started the efforts for implementing the National innovation and start-up policy (NISP) under the aegis of the Ministry of Education Innovation Cell (MIC). The policy aims at promoting innovation and start-up culture among the students and faculty of Higher education institutes.

NISP. Click here

In due course, the above framework will be utilized to draft an institute level policy for NISP.

Institute Support


  • E-cell at IIIT Sri City undertakes many activities in order to help students learn the intricacies of entrepreneurship by practicing it. You can learn more about E-cell. Click here
  • The institute established Gyan Circle Ventures (Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development at IIITS (CIEDI), a Section 8 Company) as the Technology Business Incubator. The center is funded by the Ministry of Information Technology (MeiTy) under TIDE 2.0 as a Group 2 Centre. You can learn more about center. Click here
  • Our institute Innovation Council enables our students and faculty with ample opportunities to routinely interact and to participate in various Innovation initiatives. You can learn more about IIC. Click here


IIIT Sri City started operating from the state of the art campus in 2018, which hosts the best in class infrastructure to support high-quality learning. Each floor of the building has designated spaces including state of the art air-conditioned classrooms, labs and faculty cabin and student activity centers. You can learn more. Click here

Other Incubators and Ecosystem

In addition to Gyan Circle Ventures, IIIT Sri city has certain unique advantages as being the center is located within the industrial ecosystem of Sri City and in the vicinity of a city like Chennai (around 60 Km). Chennai is home to one of the successful innovation hub IIT Madras Research Park: ( Moreover, IIIT Sri City was mentored by IIIT Hyderabad and shares a bond with the successful IIIT Hyderabad Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IIIT-CIE) ( The IIIT_CIE is the TIDE Group-1 center mentoring us in our operations as a Group 2 Center.

NISP Implementation Committee

We are in the process of establishing a Committee of Industry and academic experts. The current member's list:

No Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr. Balasubramanian Kandaswamy Assistant Professor, CSE

(Convenor NISP)

2. Dr. Balaji Raman Associate Professor, CSE
3 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman Associate Professor, ECE
4 Dr. Anish Turlapaty Assistant Professor, ECE
5 Dr. Priyanka Dwivedi Assistant Professor, ECE