Research & Development

The R&D office at IIIT Sri City is responsible for managing sponsored research and consultancy projects at the Institute. In addition, the R&D office engages with each individual faculty to help them align their research areas with the demand from industries and different funding agencies.

Significantly, the R&D office works closely with both Academic Office and Placement Office. This is a carefully carved out activity; to realize integration of industry-oriented technological requirements into academic programs; and link industrial research to potential internships and placements.

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) provides direction and advice to the Institute on the measures to be taken to achieve both medium-term and long-term research objectives. Notably, the RAC provides guidance on different methodologies to be adopted to promote research and convert them to innovation and deep tech. startups. The RAC is led by our Director while the external members comprise seasoned academic and industry experts who have successfully transformed research ideas to innovation and technology start-ups.

The R&D office can be contacted at

Prof. G. Kannabiran

IIIT Sri City, Chittoor

Dr. M Saravanan

Ericsson Research - External Member

Prof. Devendra Jalihal

IIT Madras - External Member

Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman

Faculty-In-Charge (Research)