Center for Smart Cities

The Centre for Smart Cities (CSC) was inaugurated by our Honourable Vice President of India in March 2015 with focus on research and development of innovative concepts and prototypes. The aim of the center is to carry out research and develop innovative concepts and prototypes in different areas that would transform the next generation living of a technology-enabled society.


The CSC at IIIT Sri City focuses on different research problems in the broad 5 themes:

  • Cyber Physical System (CPS)
  • Urban Aata Analytics
  • Smart Transportation
  • Energy and Renewable Sources
  • Safety and security

Over the last 5 years, the faculties have investigated different challenges and have developed several innovation concepts in the above mentioned areas. To begin with, the institute has two multi-faculty projects on cyber physical system, including a recent indo-UK UKIERI project. In the area of solar cells, again there are 2 active projects, under DST (department of science and technology) and ISRO. Notably, in the interdisciplinary area of smart transportation, there are several sponsored projects, ranging from antenna design, vehicle to vehicle communication, autonomous driving, etc. with funding from numerous national and international agencies and also from industry. In all, our institute has been working on numerous projects worth Rs 2 crores and have other approved projects of nearly Rs 1.2 crore in pipeline. Notably, in the last 4 years, these works have resulted in 50+ research publications and several collaborations with academia and industry; on different aspects of smart cities.

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