M.Tech. in Cyber Security


M.Tech. in Cyber Security is a two-year degree programme at Indian Institute of Information Technology Sri City, Chittoor offered by the faculty of Computer Science and Engineering.


The recent advancement of information sharing over the Internet increases cyber threats to the organizations and individuals that deal with classified information. With the rapid growth in technology, information security is becoming a challenge to organizations. It requires security related sophisticated knowledge and tools to keep the systems secure from external threats. Many surveys reveal that financial organizations, like banks and insurance companies, spend on an average 10% of their annual IT budget on cyber security. Around the world as well as in India there is a high demand for cyber security professionals who are well educated about the various aspects of cyber security.

Being an Institute of National Importance in Information Technology, IIIT Sri City is already running the B.Tech. program with Cyber Security specialization. Thus, the M.Tech.in Cyber Security program will boost the IIITS ecosystem further and will produce highly skilled manpower to the industry. The proposed program is intended to offer students a unique blend of skills which will enable them to pursue a career in academia, research or industry. The program is designed to provide students with the necessary foundations for tackling key cyber security challenges, and allows students to study electives which will further enhance their skills in their interested areas. The overarching objective of this program is to train students to become cyber security professionals in such a way that they can become world leaders in cyber security and shape India's future in a better way.