Academic Administration

IIITS Academic Administration team is overall responsible for seamless functioning of students and faculty. Besides, it takes care of day-to-day operations pertaining to scheduling of courses, attendance, assessing, grading and providing feedback to students and faculty; proposes new programs on benchmarking with leading universities; and automates processes.

Prof. Ganesan Kannabiran

Faculty-In-Charge (Academics)

Dr Raja Vara Prasad, Dr Mrinmoy Ghorai and Dr Priyanka Dwivedi

UG Coordinator (Academics) - Curriculum, Almanac, Schedule, Class Committee)

Dr Anish Chand Turlapaty & Dr Mainak Thakur

UG Coordinator (BTP, Honours & Semester Long Project)

Dr Shiv Ram Dubey

M.Tech (AI & ML) Coordinator

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