Specialization Tracks

Cyber Security

Security in cyberspace is a crucial aspect, especially in the modern world where most of our communications and interactions happen over the Internet. Cyber security endeavours to counter the wide range of challenges that compromise the effectiveness and reliability of various aspects of cyberspace. Considering the exponential growth of digital devices and the number of users, there is an urgent requirement to develop more robust and potentially secure security frameworks. Thus, there is a need for professionally trained individuals able to understand, analyse, and offer the suitable solutions against respective cyber security challenges. In the present scenario, the cyber industry has only a handful of skilled cyber security professionals in comparison to the estimated futuristic growth in this field. Being an institution of national importance that focuses on information technology, IIIT Sri City is offering a programme focused exclusively on the security aspects of cyberspace. This will help to fulfil the requirement of cyber security professionals in the country, and contribute towards the effective growth of the country.

The following list courses are offered under Cyber Security specialization:

  • Introduction to Cyber Security – The First Level Elective
  • Network and Data Security
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Software Security
  • Cyber security Regulations
  • Project Work