Funded Projects:

IIIT Sri City and the faculties of the institute have been clear from the beginning that research has to meet the intended applications. In this regard, the faculties have been at the forefront in talking to different funding agencies., industries, organizations etc. in knowing the research problems that need to be addressed. Over the last 7 years, the faculties of our Institute has been involved in cutting edge research in different areas including AIML, cyber physical systems, computer vision, robotics, solar cells, wireless communications, smart transportation, etc. In fact, the faculties of our Institute have already initiated and completed 5 sponsored research projects. Currently, there are 10 ongoing external sponsored projects driven by our faculties; worth nearly 3 crore rupees. The sponsoring agencies include: Department of Science and Technology (DST), ISRO, Naval Research Board (NRB), etc.

Major Sponsored Projects and Funding Agencies

Indian Institute of Information Technology

Collaborative Projects:

Several of the sponsored projects involve several collaborative work with leading universities and industries such as: IIT Hyderabad, IIIT Hyderabad, IIITDM Kancheepuram and industries such as Hella Automotive, NVIDIA, etc. Notably, the institute has several collaborative projects with foreign universities such as: DHBW Heidenheim Germany, Middlesex University UK, National Chung Cheng University Taiwan, etc.

Consultancy Projects:

The institute has two formal consultancy projects, run by our faculties sponsored by agencies such as National Productivity Council, Analog devices, etc. In addition, the faculties have been doing Honorary consultancy to different start--ups and companies such as Auto-Drive, Researchimi, RoadBounce, etc.

Total Completed Projects
No Name of the PI Name of the Co-PI Funding Agency Project Title Total Project Cost Date of Start Date of Completion Duration
1 Dr. Siva Prasad Kotamraju Nil SERB Design and simulation of Silicon Carbide power devices for smart
power grid applications
Rs. 22,71,000 July-2016 Jun. 2019 36 Months
2 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman Nil DST DAAD Eye-tracking based REcommendation Engine for Smart Driving Rs. 10,26,000 July-2016 July-2019 36 Months
3 Dr. Snehasis Mukherjee SERB Smart Surveillance Based Recognition and Prediction of Ongoing Events in Videos Using Depth Information Rs. 1557090 2016 2019 36 Months
4 Dr. Siva Prasad Kotamraju Nil ISRO Design, modeling and simulation of GaAs based III-V semiconductor multi junction solar
structures for space applications
Rs. 33,18,000 1-Jan-17 Dec. 2019 36 Months
5 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman NIL SERB SMART VAN - Seamless Multihopping and Autonomous Recommendation for Vehicular Access Networks Rs. 12,91,000 Feb. 2017 Jan. 2020 35 months
6 Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey - SERB Development of Image Retrieval Methods for Biomedical and Health Informatics Rs. 18,52,330 2017 2020 36 Months
7 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman Dr. Raja Vara Prasad,
Dr. P Viswanath
DST - ICPS Sensors, Multi-hopping and Analytics-for real-Time interconnection of village wells (SMART Village Well) Rs.25,00,000 28-Dec-18 27-Dec-21 36 Months
8 Dr. Kadimalla
Nil SERB - ECR Development of Hybrid Method to Analyze
the Radiation Characteristics of a Dipole Antenna Near a Perfectly Conducting Cylindrically Curved Screen
Rs.41,40,400 26-Mar-19 25-Mar-22 36 Months
9 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman Dr. Raja Vara Prasad DST-INT-UK Digital Twin Modeling for Automation, Maintenance and Monitoring in Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Rs.23,53,344 16-Jul-19 15-Jul-21 24 Months
10 Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey - DRDO Computer vision algorithm for trandormation of Ntght time images to correspondlng Day time images. Rs. 9,94,943 2020 2021 12 Months
11 Dr. Anish Chand
Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey
Dr. B. Gokaraju
(Univ of West Alabama)
SERB - CRG EMGNet: Development of Deep Learning Based Model for Hand Movements Classification using Surface EMGSignals Rs.34,06,558 4-Feb-20 3-Feb-22 24 Months
12 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman Dr. S R Pandian,
DRDO-NRB Design and Development of Bio-inspired Network of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Rs.46,88,605 7-Feb-20 31-July-23 39 Months
13 Dr. Priyanka Dwivedi - SERB - SRG Development of Wearable, Non-invasive Devices for Human Health Wellness Rs.30,68,520 26-Dec-20 Dec. 2022 24 months
14 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman - i-HUB, IIIT Hyd Road Quality Indicator (RQI) for Heterogeneous Nature of Indian Roads Rs. 9,04,000 Jul-21 Jul-22 12 months
15 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman - Going Global British Council
Exploratory Grant
Enhancing Employability of Future Engineers in Industry 4.0 – CPS Specialization Rs. 15,00,000 Nov-21 Jul-22 9 months
16 Dr. Subu Kandaswamy Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman IHUB Data, IIIT Hyd Communication between Vehicles and Agent based Model in Traffic Junctions for Indian Roads Rs. 9,84,000 Jan-22 Dec-22 12 months
Ongoing projects
No Name of the PI Name of the Co-PI Funding Agency Project Title Total Project Cost Date of Start Date of Completion Duration
1 Dr. Chandra Mohan Dasari - SERB DrCMDs Predictor: A novel system for Disease prediction, Mutated patterns discovery, and Drug Candidates generation to combat viral diseases in Indian population Rs. 13,10,600 Oct-2023 Sept-2025 24 Months
2 Dr. P.V. Arun -Dr. Rakesh K S, Dr. Ramesh Kumar V ISRO Advanced Machine Learning approaches for multimodal data fusion Rs. 20,00,000 Jul-2023 Jul-2026 36 Months
3 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman Dr Mrinmoy Ghorai Ministry of Earth Science (MoES) Sonar + Vision based Intelligent Mechanisms for Deep Water Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Rs. 49,24,000 Oct-2023 Sept. 2025 24 months
4 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman Dr. Sreeja SR IHUB, IIIT Hyd Data Analytics based Road Quality Mechanism for Two Wheeler Mobility Rs. 9,96,000 Sept. 2023 Aug-2024 12 months
5 External Institute Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman IHUB, IIIT Hyd ATID: AI based Two-Wheeler Safety Quantification through Risk & Attitude factors Using Multi-sensory Integration Rs. 9,94,000 Sept. 2023 Aug-2024 12 months
6 Dr. P.V. Arun Dr. Sreeja S R SERB-CRG Advanced machine Learning based Dynamic Sptial Data Warehousing System Rs. 25,00,000 March-2023 Mar-2026 36 Months
7 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman External Institute IEEE ITSS USA ICT for enhancing Safety in 2-wheeler Mobility Rs. 16,85,000 May-2023 December-2023 8 months
8 Dr. P.V. Arun Dr. Priyambada S ISRO Advanced Machine Learning approaches for geological mapping of Lunar surface using Ch-2 Data Rs. 23,00,000 Nov-2022 Nov-2025 36 Months
9 Dr. Raja Vara Prasad - MEITY - CC & BT Design and Fabrication of Autonomous Passenger Drone Rs. 36,18,000 26-Jul-2019 25-Jul-22 36 Months
10 Dr. Raja Vara Prasad Dr. Kadimalla
DST-NMICPS-TIH IIT Hyd Advanced Aerial Mapping (AAM) Rider: Yield Detection System for Mango Farms using UAVs Rs.49,96,100 3-July 2021 2nd July 2024 36 Months
11 Dr. Piyush Joshi - DST-NMICPS-TIH IIT Hyd Design, development, and deployment of energy-efficient smart EDGE devices for real-time traffic flow prediction and control Rs.40,00,002 23-July 2021 22nd July 2024 36 Months
12 Dr Neha Agrawal - DST-NMICPS-TIH IIT Kanpur Secure Drones: Analyze, Deploy, and Decide Cryptographic Modules in UAVs Rs.37,00,480 Nov-21 Nov-24 36 Months
13 Dr Himangshu Sarma - SERB-SRG Development of Game platform through VR and AR for School Education Rs.16,40,720 Dec-21 Dec-23. 24 Months
14 Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman - Going Global British Council Top-up Grant Courses (IoT, Digital Twin) for Enhancing Employability of Future Engineers thru CPS Specialization Rs. 10,00,000 Nov-22 Mar-24 28 Months