Student Development Council 2022- 23

The Student Development Council (SDC) IIIT Sri City is a networking body that leads all the Curricular and Extracurricular activities of the college. The activities enable students to interact among themselves, learn from each other, and be engaged . The council also leads in coordinating the college clubs - Technical, Cultural, Social and Sports and ensures the work to be best and captivating with the idea of benefiting the life of the student community.

Name and email id Role Image

Khadyothan Choudari

President (UG4)

Karthik Konyala

Vice-President (UG4)

Devineni Sri Sivani

Secretary (UG3)

Devarakonda Bhima Shankar

Joint Secretary (Technical) (UG4)
Naman Bhatia
Joint Secretary (Non-Technical) (UG3)

Samyak Bansal

Treasurer (UG3)

Sri Harsha Kurra

Member (UG2)

JSL SasiRekha

Member (UG2)