Semester-long projects is one of the flagship programs of our institute and we have brought in novel aspects into this program so that it benefits the students. There are at least two ways that students benefits from these projects:

1. Students who aspire for their dream jobs sign-up with companies for a Semester-long projects program with an opportunity to convert into a full time position.

2. Often the companies visiting the campus for recruitment also offer students an opportunity to join as interns before the students join in the full time positions in the same company. So, students have a gradual transition from student to their full time roles.

The students get eight credits for these projects, and we have a rigorous review. The students who had opted for a Semester-long project only, will be evaluated twice by the industry mentor and twice by the institute faculty mentor. A team of two faculty members carry out the final evaluation, which includes the internal faculty mentor.

Following are some of the key numbers for the Semester-long projects in the year 2022:

Number of Students Doing Semester-long Internship 146
Duration of Internship 4 to 6 months
Internship Stipend Rs.30000 to 100000
Below are the list of companies where our students are doing the Semester-Long Project in the year 2020.

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