Club Name: F/Stops

About The club

The mission of F/Stops, the Photography Club is to provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge, and passion for photography. The club holds regular meetings, and discussions and organizes events such as photo walks, field trips, lectures, and workshops by visiting artists. Members will also explore the possible opportunities for photography projects in collaboration with other campus departments, organize peer-to-peer portfolio reviews, and explore the possibilities of exhibitions on and off campus.

Small Summary of activities conducted throughout the year:

At F/Stops, Photography Club, we've had a thrilling year packed with activities aimed at honing our members' photography skills and nurturing their passion for capturing moments. From introductory sessions covering the basics to in-depth dives into exposure, composition, and editing techniques, we've left no stone unturned in our quest for photographic excellence. Along the way, we've welcomed guest speakers to share their insights, ventured outdoors for immersive experiences at Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary, and documented campus events with creativity and enthusiasm. In addition to our educational endeavours, we've also stirred up some friendly competition with our photography contests. These contests have not only provided a platform for our members to showcase their talents but have also sparked creativity and camaraderie within our community.


Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Poojyanth Reddy
Club lead
Hemanth Chakravarthy Kancharla
Club Co-Lead
Sruthi Kommati
Core Member
Farhaan Mohammed Hafees
Core Member