M.Tech. Regulations

1. Programme:

M.Tech. is a two year degree program in the specializations of AIML and Cyber Security at Indian Institute of Information Technology Sri City, Chittoor offered by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

2. The eligibility for M.Tech. programme offered will be as follows:

a) Admission criteria/policies for the M.Tech. programmes will be decided by the Senate following the guidelines issued by the MHRD, Government of India from time to time.

b) The Institute presently offers the M.Tech. programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) and Cyber Security.

c) At present the qualifying criteria for admission in M.Tech. programmes is B.Tech./B.E. in CSE / ECE / equivalent branches of Engineering / Technology. However, the further shortlisting criteria can be used as per the admission advertisement through CCMT and open channel decided by the institute from time to time.

d) The Institute will prescribe from time to time other eligibility conditions for admission regarding the class required to be secured by the candidate in the Bachelor's degree, minimum admissible percentage marks therein, permitted number of attempts for obtaining Bachelor's degree, passing requirements in the respective entrance tests conducted by this Institution for Post-Graduate admissions, GATE score percentiles, physical fitness requirements, sponsorship, etc. Further, the committee of Faculty In-Charges/Deans shall examine the admission procedures before issuing formal admission letters - especially for M.Tech. programmes for which candidates from different academic backgrounds compete.

3. Selection Procedure and Student Status Admission to the M.Tech. programmes will be based on:

The M.Tech.selection process is described below

a) GATE candidates through Centralized Counselling for MTech (CCMT)

i) The GATE applicants have to follow the CCMT procedures for the admission.

b) Non-GATE with an undergraduate degree from CFTI institutes

i) The CFTI applicants will be screened on the basis of their previous academic records and must have at least 8.0 CGPA.

ii) The screened candidates have to appear for a Coding Test and an Interview at IIIT Sri City, Chittoor.

c) Non-GATE General candidates (Non CFTI or CFTI with < 8.0 CGPA)

i) The applicants will be screened on the basis of their previous academic records.

ii) The screened candidates have to appear for a written exam at IIIT Sri City, Chittoor. The syllabus of the test is similar to GATE. The outcome of the test will be used to do the second screening..

iii) Those who pass for the second screening have to appear for a Coding Test and an Interview at IIIT Sri City, Chittoor

4. Duration of the Programme:

a) The programme shall need two years and the minimum duration required for the completion shall be four semesters.

b) The course work has to be completed in two semesters and the project work can be taken up in the following two semesters.

c) It is recommended for M.Tech students to take up the projects in industry as the requirement of degree.

5. Credit Requirements:

a) An M.Tech. student has to complete a total of 64 credits, including 20, 20, 12 and 12 credits in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters, respectively.

b) Out of 64 credits, 40 credits are allocated to the course work that has to be completed in the first year and the remaining 24 credits of the project work in the second year.

6. Course Work:

a) The student will have to complete 40 credits in 1st year with 20 credits in the 1st semester and 20 credits in the 2nd semester.

b) The student has to take the three electives in the 2nd sem from the pool of elective courses offered by the institute under the respective specializations from time to time.

c) In order to pass a course, the student has to secure at least 5 GPA in that course.

7. Course Plan:

a) Every theory/laboratory course shall have a course plan prepared by the course teacher, well before the start of the semester. The course plans for core, elective, open elective courses will have details of the overview of the course, course objectives, course outcome, course teaching and learning activities and course assessment methods and reassessment policy.

b) Each course will have tailor-made assessment models viz. group tasks, assignments, report on field visit, quizzes, open book tests, laboratory exercises, mini-project and end of semester summative assessment etc.

c) The course plan will also have details of attendance requirements, academic integrity and plagiarism and information on study materials.

d) The course plan, after due approval by the class committee chairperson (CC) and the HoD of the Department or Faculty Coordinator of the programme, shall be uploaded in the intranet by the course instructor.

e) The Course plans for all courses offered by the Institute will be available in the intranet site for reference by the faculty and students.

8. Project Work

The student has to complete a project in the 2nd year (i.e., in 3rd and 4th semesters). The project has to be done in the broad areas of the respective specializations including industry applications. The project requirement can be completed by following four ways:

a) The student is encouraged to do the project in the industry in 2nd year including both 3rd and 4th semesters with a mentor from industry and an internal mentor from the stream of the respective specializations of the institute.

b) The student can also do final part of project (in 4th sem) in the industry and initial part of the project (in 3rd sem) in the institute in 2nd year

c) The student can also do the initial part of project (in 3rd sem) in the industry and final part of the project (in 4th sem) in the institute in 2nd year

d) In case the student is not able to attract or not willing to take up the industry project, he/she can complete the project requirement with a faculty of the respective stream of that specializations of the institute

9. M.Tech Guideship:

a) For the industry projects the student has to find a mentor from industry. The M.Tech coordinator will allot an internal guide from the respective stream faculty of the institute.

b) For the institute projects the student has to talk to different faculties of the respective stream of the institute and provide the choices to the MTech coordinator. Finally, the MTech coordinator will perform the guide allocation based on the given choices and other criteria led down from time to time by the competent authorities.

10. Project Evaluations:

a) The project evaluation will happen four times in a year with twice in a semester.

b) The weight of mid evaluation in a semester will consist of 5 credits, whereas the weight of end evaluation in a semester will have 7 credits.

c) The student needs to submit a progress report before each project evaluation and final M.Tech thesis before the final end evaluation.

d) A high level synopsis is also required to be submitted before the final project evaluation.

e) The student, upon completion of his project work, shall present a seminar for the final project evaluation, highlighting the methodology and the inferences.

f) This seminar shall be attended by an evaluation committee having at least one internal faculty apart from the guide and one external expert from academia or industry.

g) In any project evaluation 50% weight will be given to the guide’s score and 50% weight will be given to the other panel member’s score.

h) If the progress of the student continues to be unsatisfactory, then the evaluation panel can recommend the extension of the project for 3-6 months subject to further satisfactory evaluation.

11. Leave and attendance policy:

a) The student shall sign in the attendance register or record his presence using a biometric device on all working days.

b) They are eligible for a total of 12 days leave every semester, which they can avail after obtaining the prior permission of the concerned guide.

c) The same has to be also followed in the industry in case the student has gone for an industry project. The industry mentor will provide such data to the institute.

12. Award of M.Tech Degree in the Respective Specialization:

a) On successful completion of credits requirements, the senate and with the approval of the board of governors of the institute, the student will be awarded the M.Tech. in the respective specializations.

13. Power to modify:

a) Notwithstanding all that has been stated above, the Senate of the Institute has the right to modify any of the above rules and regulations from time to time.