We moved to our new and state of the art campus in 2018, which hosts the best in class infrastructure to support high-quality learning. Each floor of the building has designated spaces including state of the art air-conditioned classrooms, labs and faculty cabin and student activity centers.

The classroom infrastructure includes 15 fully air conditioned classrooms equipped with modern audio visual aids. The classrooms are enabled with lecture capturing tools. The academic block also hosts ECE Labs, Computer Labs and student breakout areas.

The faculty rooms are arranged in clusters as per research groups; PhD/MS students have fully equipped cubicles. Specialized research labs are also attached to the clusters. Each floor has multiple meeting rooms designated for the use of faculty and students.

The stilt floor of the building houses The Hub - the student activity Centre, which provides working spaces for the Student Council and all clubs. It also has a state of the art Gym.

The main academic building in IIIT Sri City is proposed to have four L-shaped wings. The current wing has 3 floors in which offices, modern state-of-the-art classrooms, software and hardware laboratories, Library and workspace for students are located. On the ground floor, we have a grand reception for receiving guests and a single point of contact for students. Adjacent to this, the Registrar Office and the Finance Office are located. The library located in the ground floor has an interesting collection of books written by globally renowned authors. This library also provides facilities to access the e-journals and magazines in the areas of computing and communication.

On the ground floor, there are 6 class large rooms, each of 120 students capacity with two projectors and sliding white boards for effective teaching practices and illustrations. On the first floor, we have the office of the Dean (Academics) and Dean (Research) and their respective offices. For time being, the placement office is also located on the first floor adjacent to the academic and research office. We have one big meeting room and two small rooms for discussions and interactions with visitors and students. We also have two hardware labs with necessary facilities and required staff members to support the academic related activities. We have one bigger computer lab having 135 desktop computers for conducting software development / programming classes. On this floor, there are 6 classrooms each of 60 students capacity and two small rooms currently operating as students’ workspace. IT Systems wing of IIIT Sri City is also located on this floor.

On the second floor, we have the office of the Director, office of the chairman and the board room is located at the beginning. Faculty rooms are located on this floor and research scholars are accommodated in separate cubicles. We are proposing to come up with Technology Business Incubator (TBI) and other facilities on this floor. Stilt floor space is used for Students activities and various club activities.

Within a short period of 7 years, the Institute has established 2 research centres - Centre for Smart Cities (CSC) and Ministry of Education initiated Design and Innovation Center (DIC). These centres focus on different themes such as Computer Vision, Data Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Solar Energy, Smart Transportation, etc. The institute has several research groups.

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Indian Institute of Information Technology
Indian Institute of Information Technology