Club Name: Prakrti

About The club

Prakrti is the Social Club of IIIT Sri City.

Aims and objectives
  • To conduct exhibitions on the environment.
  • Environment education camps.
  • To conduct Field Trip activities.
  • To conduct Exhibitions on the Environment.
  • To sensitize, create awareness, motivate and educate students about environmental conservation.
  • Under the banner of nature club various activities are performed. It includes Bird watching, Butterfly watching, Conservation of Indian Roller seminars, invited lectures by the guest researchers, afforestation, and watering plants, help domestic animals and birds etc. Essay competitions and chart preparation on environment are also organized.
  • To create Educational & Research purposes


  • Introduction of Tortoise, Terrapin/Mud Turtle, and Local fish to Water Well for cleaning.
  • Development of Green belt, Mound formation to develop natural micro habitat.
  • Host Workshops in the institute for skill development and experience.
  • Survey of the plant species Age and height, etc. (GBH: Girth of the Breast Height).
  • Survey of migratory birds.
  • Bird Call & Video Recording.
  • Open Butterfly Garden.
  • Conservation and Development of Medicinal Plant Garden.
Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Siva Sain Krishna (UG4)
Club Head
Sowmya (UG4)
Assistant Club Head
Charan Kaushal (UG3)
Core member
Sri Sivani (UG2)
Core member
Avinash (UG2)
Core member