The Student Academic Council (SAC) IIIT Sri City is a student body that actively participates in all the academic related activities. They communicate all the academic activities to the students and take regular feedback from them. The council also oversees all student related academic concerns and resolves them by forwarding them to the concerned authorities. This leads to a transparent and fully functioning academic relationship between the students and the management.

Core Team Members
Name Role Image
Bharath Dasyam President (UG4)
Palle Pranay Reddy Secretary (UG 3)
Yash Gupta Secretary (UG 4)
Ravi Kishore Kambhampati Member (UG4)
Anuhya Sarabu Member (UG4)
Parth Raghuwanshi Member (UG3)
N S S Surya Kiran Member (UG3)
Sreeja Dacharla Member (UG3)
Harshini Sai Mandala Member (UG3)
Sabbini Susritha Member (UG2)
Omkar Khairnar Member (UG2)
Reddi Devi Vara Prasad Member (UG2)
M A N Srawan Member
G Jithendra Kumar Member
V Jahnavika Reddy Member (UG2)