Club Name: Svastha

About The club

Svastha is the Wellness club of IIIT Sri City. It is one of the newly established clubs in 2021. Svastha focusses on physical development, mental development, health and nutrition of students. Students have a lot to cope up with - academics, extra curriculars, projects, internships and have to keep hustling all the time. There can be moments when we are stressed, let down or just need a break to be with ourselves. A small refreshing break helps us get back to our work easily. Hence, Svastha will focus on developing discipline and improving the physical and mental health of students, helping them to be better at academics and lead a pleasurable college life.

Aims and objectives
  • Healthy food and Nutrition.
  • Personal and Environmental hygiene.
  • Physical fitness.
  • Behaviour and life skills.
  • Building Mental and Physical strength


  • Conducting daily yoga/workout/pranayama/meditation sessions early in the morning and/or in the evening based on the convenience of students and instructors.
  • Organizing sessions with motivational speakers or talks from spiritual leaders/speakers from organizations like Art of Living on Health, Nutrition and overall development.
  • Have Yoga, Meditation or Aerobics workshops with the help of Instructors.
  • Organize sessions or activities for celebrating International Yoga Day.
  • Collaborate with the institute’s Arts club and organize painting and crafts competitions based on themes like meditation, wellness etc.,.
  • Organize gatherings for all students to hangout and have fun sessions to interact with everyone in the institute.
  • Organizing article writing or blog writing competitions based on wellness themes.
  • Having fun sessions such as:
    • Debates or discussions on a topic related to wellness
    • Sharing personal experiences or fun short stories
    • Students speaking about a topic for a short period of time
  • Organizing some contests in yoga or workouts like Yogathons.
  • Having destress sessions by inviting instructors or motivational speakers to the institute.
  • Having cooking competitions where students have to make something to eat for judges which is fun, delicious and with lots of nutritional value. Students should be able to explain the nutritional content of the item they prepared and how it helps in one’s health or to cure a disease. Prizes will be awarded for students.
  • Collaborating with Wellness clubs of other institutes in India so that the students can interact with students from other colleges through events and gain insights.
Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Rukmini Meda - UG4
Club Head
Haridasula Rohith - UG3
Assistant Club Head
Ajay Babu Patel - UG2
Core member
Santhosh Kakkera - UG2
Core member
Hemanth sai Borra - UG3
Core member