Club Name: Toastmasters

About The club

A Toastmasters Club is designed to help individuals become better communicators through leadership training and public speaking practice. Helps in Job Interviews. Fosters their personal growth and confidence

Aims and objectives
  • Promote public speaking.
  • Helping students overcome stage fear and become fluent speakers.
  • Identifying good usage of the language and correcting improper (or) not so good usage of it.
  • Giving proper evaluation and feedback for speeches diplomatically, so that a speaker can improve.
  • Encouraging members to take up leadership roles in meetings.


  • Planning an event where people share their first public speaking experience.
  • Toastmasters Table topics activity.
  • Theme based prepared speech.
  • A podcast channel (Spotify and Apple music)
  • Members give speeches and take meeting roles (Toastmaster of the day, Ah counter, grammarian, timer, evaluator, table topic master, general evaluator)
  • 1-2 hour sessions where we replicate actual Toastmaster sessions and declare the winners of the day at the end.
  • Competitions and Meetings in association with other institutes.
Core Team Members
Name and email id Role Image
Venkata Sai Sumanth Sadu (UG4)
Club Head
Adarsh Kumar Godisela (UG3)
Assistant Club Head
Shashidhar Babu (UG3)
Core member
Rushendra Sidibomma (UG2)
Core member
Madhur Saxena (UG2)
Core member