Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) is an amalgamation of physical processes, wireless networking and extensive computing. The physical processes are monitored with varied sensors and then communicated through networking to create an automated feedback-based embedded control system. The automated/ smart systems are modeled from the data points through technological abstractions of data analytics, machine learning and pattern recognition.

Over the last 3-5 years, there has been an exponential growth in the number of companies pursuing this area and offering technological opportunities. In this regard, given the large number of applications in manufacturing and electronic-based industries, IIIT Sri City offers BTech program with specialization in CPS. IIIT Sri City is the first IIIT and one of the few Universities in India to offer such a specialization for BTech students. It is an interdisciplinary program that would train and prepare students for the next wave of required technological skill-sets. Moving forward, the Institute aims to set-up a CPS/IIoT lab for Master's program wherein we would collaborate with the Hi-Tech manufacturing industries in Sri City.