Smart Transportation Group

Smart Transportation involve an amalgamation of transportation systems, traffic control systems, traffic safety systems and other automated applications related to transportation technology. Traffic control applications include toll collections, congestion control and on-board multimedia/information systems. Traffic safety applications include automatic speed control, lane changing and merging, collision warning, blind spot warning and dynamic route changers. Automobile companies have been aggressively looking for solutions such as driver-less cars, and to begin with system assisted driving.

The Smart Transportation Group is focused on the research and development of automobiles, which employ automobile-to-automobile communication, automobile-to-environment communication in real-time, in-automobile detection, out-automobile detection and real-time recommendation required for system assisted driving. The research encompasses the following focus areas:

  • Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning

The research produced by the Next-Gen Communications Group will have a significant impact on the automobile industry, car electronic manufacturers, Ministry of Urban Development and National Highway Authority of India.

Faculty Key Research Area
Dr. HrishikeshVenkataraman Multihop Vehicular Communication, ADAS, Recommendation Engine
Dr. Ramakrishna G Multi-Modal Transport, Algorithms for Routes
Dr. Raja Vara Prasad Sensor Based Intra-Vehicle & Inter-Vehicle (V2V) Communication
Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey Driver Detection, Machine Learning
Dr. Snehasis Mukherjee Activity Detection for Cars, Image Processing
Dr. Viswanath P Deep Learning for Transportation
Ph. D Students Key Research Area
Sai Charan Addanki, Supervisor: Dr. HV Raman Driver Assistance systems
N Jaswanth, Supervisor: Dr. HV Raman Vehicular Networks
Honors Students Key Research Area
Surekha A.