Research Centers

Center of Excellence for Smart Cities and Villages

The focus is on development of technologies to facilitate the integration of currently fragmented systems such as energy, water, waste management, transport, social security and safety, and infrastructure.
Over a period of time, cities have grown into complex systems. Understanding a city as a whole, its people, components, functions, scales, and dynamics is crucial for the appropriate design and management of the urban system. While the development of cities in different parts of the world is moving in diverse directions, all estimations show that cities worldwide will witness a sea change in the coming years. Especially in the tropics over the next 3 decades, it is expected that the number of new urban residents will increase manifold. To answer questions like: Which methods can contribute to the sustainable performance of a city, and how can we teach this to the next generations, COE (Center of Excellence) at IIITS would focus on necessary research works.

The broader areas of our initiatives include:

Urban Data Analytics in:

  • Energy commodities/Electricity usages
  • Land usages
  • Water usages
  • Waste management

The objective is to enable fleet and traffic management, enhance passenger and automobile safety, estimate waiting-period and employ smart billing. The implementation would include installing GPS enabled and GIS integrated automobile tracking systems and Wi-Fi enabled smart applications and services.

Computational Social Sciences for Urban Societies (Social Services/Wellness)
The focus areas of research would include:

  • Study sentiments, emotions, attitudes, aspirations, and happiness of people in societies to understand existing status and future trend
  • Automate transactions and empower staffs to solve more complex problems
  • Improve governmental schemes on distribution and make it more transparent
  • Empower citizens with multi-channel service experience so that services are accessible anytime, anyplace, and by any means
    Deliver services to citizens to meet their needs
  • Integrate services offered by governmental departments to people on time

City Safety and Security:
The main objective of projects under this area is to enhance the safety and security of cities to protect physical and digital assets. Safety and security are paramount for individuals irrespective of geographies they live in. Currently, technology enables keeping track of the people, places and surroundings. In addition, the Center for Smart Technology also plans to provide low cost broad-band internet connectivity to communities nearby Sri City.


Name Key Research Area
Dr. Snehasis Mukherjee Computer Vision Image Processing
Dr. G. Ramakrishna Algorithms Big-Data Analytics
Dr. SivaprasadKotamraju Solar Panels Micro-Electronics
Dr. HrishikeshVenkataraman Networking and communication aspect for Smart Cities
Dr. NageshKolagani Aerial Robotics and Imagery Participatory GIS, Visualization and Modeling for Smart Villages
Dr. Raja Vara Prasad Y Wireless Protocols for IoT applications, Smart Cities

Funds and Collaborations
IIIT, Sri City, Chittoor Center for Smart City Technology is currently working in collaboration with other leading Institutes in India

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