NextGen Communications Group

Over the past few decades, Communication Technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Regardless to this, there is significant scope for improvement in terms of economics, effectiveness, efficiency and performance of communication technology. The Next-Gen Communication Group is focused on research and development of intelligent and cognitive communication models and protocols, which aid the evolving applications to Smart Cities, Green Communications and Internet of Things (IoTS). The research is focused on creating communication models and protocols which improve high data rates, heterogeneity, autonomity and scalability of communication technology. The research encompasses the following focus areas:

  • Physical layer aspects
  • New medium layer aspects
  • Network layer protocols for wide area applications
  • Theoretical, simulation and experimental models for adaptive and resourceful green communications
  • Heterogeneous Wireless Network Communications

The research produced by the Next-Gen Communications Group will have a significant impact on the general society, Government of India initiatives such as Smart Cities and companies working on novel communication models and networks for future generations.

Faculty E-mail Specialization
Dr. A.Krishna Chaitanya Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks, Applications of Game theory in Wireless
Communications, Network Information Theory
Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman Multihop wireless communication, Heterogeneous wireless networks
Dr. Raja Vara Prasad Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Buildings, Next Generation Networks
Dr. K Divyabrahmam Microwave, Radar, Antennas

Description of Group

Despite the multi-fold growth of Wired and Wireless Communications in the past decade, there is a lot of scope to improve the existing communication models to make them more economical, efficient and high performance systems for futuristic requirements. This group has been started with a vision of developing cognitive and intelligent communication models or protocols aiding the evolving applications like Smart Cities, Smart Transportation, Green Communications and Internet of Things (IoT). The primary research interests of this group are to design communication models with features of resiliency, high data rates, heterogeneity, autonomous and scalable systems. Currently this group focus on developing on the following aspects: Physical layer aspects; New Medium Access layer and Network layer protocols for wide area applications; theoretical, simulation and experimental models for adaptive, resource efficient and greener communications; heterogeneous wireless network communication, physical Layer design aspects of tiny hardware targeting IoT sensing applications, microwave, antennas, etc.. The outcomes of this research group have significant short and long term societal benefits for Government of India (GoI) initiatives like Smart Cities, Connected society, and also the requirements of other private industries and researchers targeting for novel communication models for evolving applications of next generation communication and networks.