Hydro Informatics Group

Hydro-Informatics focuses on the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to address the problems of equitable, efficient and effective use of our planet's precious water resources. Our center focuses on research and development of water resource management (WRM) technologies which will provide timely, accurate and easy-to-use information to stakeholders. This research encompasses the following areas:

  • Participatory GIS and participatory modeling: Mobile and Web GIS, and other visualization tools
  • Wireless sensors and actuators / IoTs
  • Low power wireless networking
  • Data Analytics
  • Teaching and Learning

Since the commencement of our work in January, 2016, to achieve its objectives the Center has taken following initiatives:

  • Developed a mobile-based geographic information system (GIS) which collects information from stakeholders
  • Developed a web-based geographic information system (GIS) which shares information with all stakeholders. The GIS was made as a Free-Open-Source-Software (FOSS). FOSS is low-cost and easy-to-use, and thus can be deployed on a large scale to receive and provide timely and accurate information to and from stakeholders
  • Developed analytical and visual tools to help recognize patterns and make decisions related to WRM
  • Submitted a proposal to the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India titled ‘Sensors, Multi-Hopps and Analytics for Real-Time Inter-Connection of Village Wells. i.e. Smart Village wells.
  • Launched a pilot WRM project, which deploys wireless sensors and IoTs within Sri City, to investigate models related to urban WRM.

In future, the research produced by the Hydro-Informatics Group will have a significant impact on the society pertaining to consumption and distribution of water.

Name Key Research Area
Dr. NageshKolagani Participatory GIS, Participatory Modeling
Dr. Y.RajaVara Prasad Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Buildings, Next Generation Networks
Dr. HrishikeshVenkatraman Wireless Communication, Networks
Dr. P.Viswanath Data Analytics, Deep Learning
Dr. Uma Garimella Teaching and Learning, Modeling, Simulation
Ph. D Students Key Research Area
Ravi Garripati
Supervisor: NageshKolagani
Comparative Study of System Dynamics and Agent Modeling
Approaches: A Case Study of Crop-Water Modeling in an Indian Village
C. Silpa
Supervisor: Uma Garimella and Nagesh Kolagani
Honors Students Key Research Area
Shyam Sunder P. Developing a Client-Customizable Mobile GIS App for Crowd Sourcing
PramodYadav Developing a Web GIS Solution for Publishing Data Received from Mobile Apps and IoTs as WFS Maps
Aman Singh Verma Supervisor: Nagesh Kolagani Developing a Cloud-Based Spatial Analytics Solution Using Remote Data via Web Services API
B. Tech Students Key Research Area
Sai Ram Sandeep Adireddi Developing a Web GIS Solution for Publishing Data Received from Mobile Apps and IoTs as WFS Maps

Dr. NageshKolagani with US & European Collaborators at Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA (1st June2017)

Farmers using Google imagery to design a Panchayat-level water grid

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