Our Mission

The Computer Vision Group is focused on the research and application of computer vision and image/video processing. It aims to deploy cutting-edge methodologies in various areas of computer vision by conducting research in both the theoretical and application aspects of computer vision.
The research focuses on following areas:

  • Human Action/Activity Recognition in Video
  • Event Recognition in Video
  • Video Summarization
  • Prediction of Events/Activity in Video
  • Facial Expression Analysis in Video
  • Multiple Object Tracking in Video
  • Image Assessment and Development
  • Analyzing RGB-D Videos
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Face Recognition
  • Biometric Recognition
  • Image Matching
  • Content based Image Retrieval

The research produced by the Computer Vision Group will have a significant impact on companies working on Computer Vision, Image/Video Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Learning.

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