Sports & Recreation

We have planned a whole range of sports and adventure sports activities for sports enthusiasts and other students who would like to stay fit and engage themselves in extracurricular activities.

Our full-time physical educational instructors and adventure sports consultants would help students train in sports like, basketball, handball, volley ball, badminton, cricket, trekking, water sports, etc..and other activities like yoga and aerobics.

While the facilities for sports are coming up in our new campus, we have made a provision for having these sports at the existing campus and in Sri City.

We encourage students to buy bicycle so that they could enjoy scenic beauty of Sri City and its greenery.

In order to provide recreation, we have planned an amphitheatre for students, faculty, staff and their families for watching late night movies over weekends. We are in the process of coming up with wide range of activities showcasing talent in the form art, drama, theatre, music, dance, folklore, etc.

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