Research Expo 2018

We believe in giving equal opportunities to all. We at IIIT Sri City take it as our duty to ensure people who want to learn about cutting-edge technologies are constantly exposed to new learning experiences. As a part of this initiative, we are organising "Research Expo 2018" in the spirit of a celebration of learning.

This would be held on our premises, starting at 9:30 am with the lightening of lamp and address of our Director followed by keynotes on "Cellular Evolution - 4G & 5G" by Dr. R. David Kolipillai (Chair Professor, Qualcomm Institute, IIT - Madras) and "Data visualization for businesses" by Sri J. Ramachandran (Founder/Chief Mentor - Gramener).

The expo highlights our initiatives towards Smart Cities and related technologies focusing on facilitating the integration of currently fragmented systems such as energy, water, waste management, transport, social security and safety, and infrastructure.

This is also accompanied by and not limited to 9 workshops organized by our institute pioneers on the subject matter in hand.

Our esteemed research teams' domain areas like Statistics; Machine Learning; Data Mining; Information Retrieval; Artificial Intelligence; Cognitive Modeling; Robotics; Computer Vision; Pattern Recognition; Deep Learning; Natural Language Processing; Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks; Cyber-Physical Embedded Systems; IoTs; Signal Processing; Wireless and Vehicular Communications, Smart Transportation; Electromagnetic Theory & Applications; Semiconductor Devices & MEMS; Visible Light Communications; Information Systems; GIS; Spatial Statistics; Modeling; Gamification; Behavioural Sciences.

Our Expo also provides an opportunity for interested MS/ Ph.D. students to interact with our highly experienced faculties and submit their application for the same. They would also get to interact with various enthusiasts in various fields as well to foster opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

The workshops are more hands-on and include some exciting topics like Deep Learning with Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform, Internet of Things, Smart Transportation, Computer Vision etc. We also have our esteemed Professors and their teams displaying their active works as posters on topics like Smart Villages, Action Recognition Estimation of local air pollution etc.

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