Life at IIIT Sri City is much more than classes and project work. Our various clubs and groups enable students, faculty and staff to enhance their potential beyond academics.

While understanding the importance of conserving nature, we have formed nature club under which we have varied groups / clubs that would focus on the specific area of conserving nature. We invite students, faculty and staff to be part of the club.

We pride ourselves in the all-round development of our students, which is achieved through its Student Clubs. Student Clubs are classified into Sports Clubs, Arts Clubs, Adventure Clubs and Special-Interest Clubs.

Each Student Club comprises of a Management Committee and Members. The Management Committee comprises of 3 Positions, namely:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • General Secretary

They are responsible for managing and organizing all activities and events related to a Student Club.

To hold a position in the Management Committee of a Student Club, a Student:

  • Should be a Member of the Student Club
  • Should participate in at least 3 activities or events related to the Student Club and
  • Should be elected by the Members of the Student Club

To become a Member of a Student Club, a Student:

  • Should register with the Student Club and,
  • Should participate in at least 1 activity or event related to the Student Club
IIITS encourages students to actively be involved in at least one club based on individual Aptitude and Interest. Additionally, Students who show potential in any discipline are provided a special environment to train and compete in Championships.
Note that all Campus Facilities, excluding consumables such as bats, rackets, balls and nets, are Free-of-Charge!
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