Our Distinguished Faculty

In order to meet the present and future geo-socio-economic needs, we lay great emphasis on recruiting world class faculty who are strong in teaching and research areas.

Our faculty is our biggest asset and can be compared with the best in the country and also in their domains. All regular faculty members hold Ph.Ds from the finest institutes across the globe with minimum of three years of post-doctoral experience and almost all have significant global exposure. They have published papers in various national and international journals and conference proceedings and attended / organized several workshops, both at national and international level.

Dr. Amitava Das

Qualification: Ph. D. (JadavpurUniversity)
E-mail: amitava.das@iiits.in
Research Interests: Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Big Data, SocialMedia Analytic, Code-Mixing, Computational Creativity

Dr. Anish Chand Turlapaty

Qualification: Ph. D. (Mississippi State University, USA)
E-mail: anish.turlapaty@iiits.in
Research Interests: Pattern recognition and signal processing for radar, cybernetics and remote sensing

Dr. Hrishikesh Venkataraman

Qualification: Ph. D. (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany)
E-mail: hvraman@iiits.in
Research Interests: Networking and communication aspect for smart cities; Cellular to WiFi, small cells, C-RAN; Vehicular communication and networks; Analytics based recommender system

Dr. Kandimalla Divyabramham

Qualification: Ph. D. (IIT Kharagpur)
E-mail: divyabramham.k@iiits.in
Research Interests: High frequency asymptotic techniques for electromagnetic scattering and propagation modeling, RCS Studies, Design of passive components for RF and wireless applications

Dr. Krishna Chaitanya A

Qualification: Ph. D. (IISc Bangalore)
E-mail: krishnachaitanya.a@iiits.in
Research Interests: Research allocation in wireless networks; Information theory

Dr. Nagesh Kolagani

Qualification: Ph. D. (IIT Madras)
E-mail: nagesh.k@iiits.in
Research Interests: Participatory GIS, Participatory Modelling

Dr. Paul Braineard

Qualification: Ph. D. (IIT Madras)
E-mail: ebpaul@iiits.in
Research Interests: MEMS, Micro fuidics and Micro pumps

Dr. Raja Vara Prasad Y

Qualification: Ph. D. (IIT Hyderabad)
E-mail: yrv.prasad@iiits.in
Research Interests: WirelessSensorNetworks, Smart Buildings, Next Generation Wireless Protocols for IoT Applications.

Dr. Rajendra Prasath

Qualification: Ph. D. (IIT Kharagpur) & Ph.D. (University of Madras)
E-mail: rajendra.prasath@iiits.in
Research Interests: Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Knowledge based System, Case based Reasoning, Self-Replication Systems, Distributed Algorithms

Dr. Rangeet Mitra

Qualification: Ph. D. (IIT Indore)
E-mail: rangeet.mitra@iiits.in
Research Interests: Visible light communications, massive MIMO, non-orthogonal multiple access, learning over reproducing Kernel Hilbert space, blind equalization

Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey

Qualification: Ph. D. (IIIT Allahabad)
E-mail: srdubey@iiits.in
Research Interests: Image feature description, image matching, content based image retrieval, computer vision, image processing, medical imaging, biometrics

Dr. Sivaprasad Kotamraju

Qualification: Ph. D. (Mississippi State University, USA)
E-mail: siva.k@iiits.in
Research Interests: Compound semiconductors (III-V, IV-IV), thin films growth and characterization (electrical and optical), optoelectronics, power semiconductor devices and nanowires

Dr. Snehasis Mukherjee

Qualification: Ph. D. (ISI Kolkata)
E-mail: snehasis.mukherjee@iiits.in
Research Interests: Image/Video Processing, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Multimedia

Dr. Uma Garimella

Qualification: Ph. D. (University of Hyderabad)
E-mail: uma.garimella@iiits.in
Research Interests: Information Systems; Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Viswanath Pulabaigari

Qualification: Ph. D. (IISc Bangalore)
E-mail: viswanath.p@iiits.in
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Data Mining and Algorithms