Undergraduate Programs

B. Tech. (CSE / ECE)
The primary objective of B.Tech program at IIITS is to develop students to have more pragmatic and positive approach towards work and life and be a source of inspiration to others. The unique curriculum offered facilitates students in becoming top-notch engineers/entrepreneurs while also equipping them to pursue higher studies and research work. We give ample opportunity to learn both fundamentals of theory as well as its application aspects. The curriculum is designed on the foundation of concepts that is driven by real-world practices which is duly covered in the first half of the program. The second half is engaging in the sense that it provides avenues for developing special skills and gaining knowledge in various sub-areas, gives hands-on approach through well-guided project works and also provides the much-needed flexibility in selecting courses that suits individual student.

Besides well-designed core subjects, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Skill Building Programs are an integral and interesting part of our distinctive curriculum. Students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities and community work throughout their undergraduate program with us. This exceptional curriculum and programs bear fruits for students in terms of their placements with global companies. We offer friendly and pleasant living conditions that present just the right atmosphere to explore academic and non-academic interests. With global MNCs located in and around the campus, the doors are open for students to navigate their research or entrepreneurial interests as well. Proximity to industries, corporates and all the advantages a Smart City brings, a student is in the best place at IIITS.

While each program has a well-defined specific outcome, the Institute focuses on attaining following general outcomes for each one of its student:

  • Be a self-learner and possess an urge for life-long learning
  • Ace behavioral skills like team player, leadership, interpersonal relations, etc
  • Gain superior communication skills
  • Undertake meaningful research tasks and projects on their own
  • Equipped with expertise to conceptualize a business plan from a basic idea
  • Nurture out-of-the-box thinking in offering solutions which impact geo-socio-economic and environmental scenario

Teaching methodology at IIITS

At IIITS, we broadly follow two teaching methodology simultaneously:

  • Classroom discussions conducted and facilitated by highly talented faculty members followed by Lab and tutorial sessions. Tutorial sessions are especially very helpful to those students who need extra help to excel in courses.
  • Research based projects to offer hands on experience. Generally faculty members throw challenging technology related problems to students to work and come up with implementable solutions over the period of 2-4 semesters

Courses at IIITS
B.Tech. programs (CSE & ECE) are broadly divided into two parts:

  • Core course: Offered during first and second year of the program
  • Elective course: Offered during third and fourth year of the program

Core courses cover areas to build fundamental understanding of subject matter and Elective courses are offered to provide breadth and depth of knowledge specific to the program. In line with our long term goal to ensure holistic development of students, we also offer electives in Science, Humanities, Communication Skills, and Mathematics.

Brief overview of courses offered during four years across both programs:

Institute Core (Common to CSE & ECE) Program Core (CSE)
Computer Programming Database Management Systems
Data Structures Artificial Intelligence
Computer Organization Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Algorithms Theory of Computation
Operating Systems Program Core (ECE)
Computer Architecture Linear Electronic Circuits
Computer Architecture Introduction to VLSI
IT Workshop I Digital Communication Systems
IT Workshop -II Speech Signal Processing
IT Workshop III Bouquet (CSE)
IT Systems (*) Advanced Algorithms
Mathematics I Compilers
Mathematics II Compiler Design
Mathematics III Programming Systems
Digital Logic Design Computer Systems Security
Electrical Science Information Retrieval
Basic Electronic Circuits Software Engineering
Digital Signal Analysis and Applications Distributed Computing
Fundamentals of Communication Bouquet (ECE)
Computer and Communication Networks Electro Magnetic Theory
Embedded and Intelligent Systems Information Theory and Coding
Humanities (Communication Skills-1) Modern Control Systems
Communication Skills-2-Intermediate Applied DSP
Communication Skills-3-Intermediate Wireless Communication
Communication Skills-2-Advanced Honours
Communication Skills-3-Advanced Honours -1
  Honours -2
Science Elective (Common to CSE & ECE) IT Elective (Program specific)
Science Basics of Ethical Hacking
Biotechnology (Innovations and Applications) Digital Signal Processing
Biotechnology and Biochemistry Principles of Information Security
Great Discoveries Spatial Information Systems
Life Sciences Measurements and Instrumentation
Science-2 (Classical and Quantum Mechanics) Computer Vision
Good Earth DCNN (Neural Networks)
Nature - Climate Change Opto and Nano Electronics
Humanities Elective (Common to CSE & ECE) Digital Image Processing
Fundamentals of Economics Communication Systems Design
Economics Wireless Networks
You and the World - Questioning and self-enquiry Modeling and Simulation
Participatory Methods for Societal Development Detection and Estimation Theory
Advanced Economics Topics in Machine Learning
Accounts and Finance Skill Elective (Common to CSE & ECE)
Principles of Management Communication Skills-4-Intermediate
Contemporary Gandhi Communication Skills-4-Advanced
Math Elective (Common to CSE & ECE) Communication Skills-5-Intermediate
Differential Equations Communication Skills-5-Advanced
Operational Mathematics Skills
Convex Optimization Thinking Skills
Mathematical Sciences Performing Arts
IT Project Public Speaking
B Tech Project-1 Future Ready
B Tech Project-2 Honours
Honours -3
  Honours -4

*****Please note: List of courses are subject to revision and is for reference purpose only

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