IIITS Rules & Regulations for Undergraduate Programs


  • The basic concept and structure of a B. Tech program is applicable to current B. Tech programs and any other programs introduced in future.
  • The Senate is the apex body for all academic matters and has the right to make amendments to any of the regulations specified from time to time.

Academic Calendar

  • Each academic year shall have two regular semesters and students may opt to work on research projects in their areas of interest during summer. Most courses shall be taught in the regular semesters. The semester timeline has been defined in the academic calendar of the Institute.


  • Admission to the B.Tech program is through seat allocation by JoSAA or CSAB through JEEE (Main) conducted every year in the month of May across India.
  • Admissions are purely based on compliance of Institute’s norms.
  • Every student seeking admission to any program of the Institute, shall submit, by the prescribed date, copies of the qualifying educational certificates and other such documents as prescribed by the Senate.
  • The admission of a student may be cancelled by the Senate at any time during the program if it is found that the student had misinterpreted information, furnished false information or suppressed relevant information while seeking admission.
  • Fees for admitted students shall be as per the fee structure derived by the Board of Governors.

Teaching and Evaluation

  • The medium of instruction will be English for all courses, except for courses on foreign/local languages.
  • Each course is conducted by the assigned Faculty with the assistance of tutors and/or teaching assistants. The Faculty concerned is responsible for conducting the lectures, tutorials, and labs, holding the tests and examinations, evaluating the performance of the students, and awarding grades at the end of the semester/summer term.
  • A system of continuous evaluation is deployed, in which, during a course, various tools like exams, assignments, projects etc. are given to assess the learning of students. All evaluations are the responsibility of the Faculty of the course.
  • At the end of the semester, based on the overall performance in the course, a letter grade is awarded to each student by the Faculty. Each letter grade carries certain points which are used in the computation of the semester/overall performance.
  • A letter grade once awarded shall not be changed unless the request is made by the Faculty of the course and is approved by the Senate.

Continuing in the Program

  • Students admitted to the B.Tech programs shall normally pursue the program initially allocated to them. However, the Senate may permit change of program for a limited number of students, based on fulfillment of guidelines specified by the Institute.
  • For continuing in the undergraduate program, the student has to show satisfactory academic performance as may be defined by the Senate from time to time. If the academic performance falls short, a student may be asked to repeat a semester/year, placed under warning/probation, or his/her program may be terminated.

Graduation Requirements and Grant of Degrees

  • A student becomes eligible for the award of the B. Tech degree after fulfilling all the academic and non academic requirements prescribed by the Senate and as specified in the Regulations.
  • The normal duration of the B. Tech program shall be four years (eight semesters), in which the student is expected to successfully complete/earn specified number of credits. A student completes/earns the credits of a course if he/she registers for the course and obtains a passing grade.
  • A student who completes all graduation requirements is recommended by the Senate to the Board of Governors (BOG) for the award of degree in the convocation.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, where gross violation of the graduation requirements or use of dishonest means is detected at a later stage, the Senate may recommend to the Board of Governors to withdraw an already awarded degree.
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